Primary School of Khalifan

One Storey Prefabricated Schools Primary School of Khalifan FNC has successfully designed, and manufactured a 120 square meter school within an impressive installation timeframe of just 12 hours. This innovative design comprises heavy-duty sandwich panel caravans, all fabricated at FNC’s production yard in Erbil. The school comprises four interconnected caravans for convenient transportation and assembly […]

Educational halls Project

Educational Halls Educational halls Project Design, manufacture and construction of 6 Double Storey light weight steel framed buildings in Kirkuk Governorate . The total area of the each building was 210 square meters . Government of Iraq

Laboratories for technical college

Educational Halls Construction of laboratories for technical college – Kirkuk This project was constructed in 2012 .The scope of work was to manufacture and construct 7 warehouses intended to be laboratories for the Technical college in Kirkuk Governorate. Six of the warehouses measured 12m x 18m, and one of them, measured 12m x 27m. All […]

Special institutes for blind

One Storey Prefabricated Schools Special institute for blind This project has been constructed in 2008 in Kirkuk by means of turnkey project. The project consist of classrooms, Administration department, cafeteria, Multi-purpose hall, Blind center, kinder garden . The total area of the project is 4000 square meter. The total built up area is 2400 square […]

Shahidan School

Two Storey Prefabricated Schools 444 Shahidan City – 2 Floors School This project has been constructed in 2011 by means of turnkey project in 444 Shahidan city/Erbil the project was consist of 18 classrooms, two Administration department, six laboratories, multi-purpose hall . The total area of the project is 5500 square meter, The total built […]

Hana City School

One Storey Prefabricated Schools 27 Classrooms school in Hana City, Kasnazan − Erbil This project has been constructed in 2009 on turnkey basis in Hana city (Kasnazan) – Erbil, the project consistedof 27 classrooms, an administration department, laboratories, and a multi-purpose hall. The total area of the project is 8500 square meter. The total built-up […]