Primary School of Khalifan

FNC has successfully designed, and manufactured a 120 square meter school within an impressive installation timeframe of just 12 hours. This innovative design comprises heavy-duty sandwich panel caravans, all fabricated at FNC’s production yard in Erbil. The school comprises four interconnected caravans for convenient transportation and assembly on-site. To ensure safety from rain and snow, a pitched roof has been installed. Interior and exterior walls are constructed using sandwich panels. Wet areas feature two layers of cement board and 600x600mm porcelain tiles, while dry areas are floored with plywood and porcelain tiles. The ceiling is made of 600x600mm acoustic panels. The pitched roof structure consists of a frame CAD truss , corrugated sheet, and sandwich panels for insulation. Windows are PVC with double glazing, doors are PVC.

Barzani Foundation