Apprenticeship & Scholarships

Apprenticeship & Scholarships

The Apprenticeship System provides an effective approach to building a skilled, knowledgeable and competitive workforce in regional economies. The longevity of the apprenticeship program as a system of training may be attributed to many things including quality, adaptability, and a reputation for opening doors to lifetime careers.

This policy provides information regarding how apprenticeship programs can assist in developing a skilled, competitive workforce. In addition, this policy outlines methods and goals for expanding apprenticeships into our company’s work and industry. FNC’s Apprenticeship system offers many opportunities to meet our Workforce Investment goals. . Instructions in technical subjects related to the occupation may be accomplished through media such as occupational or industry courses and electronic media. The long-term goals for apprenticeships are designed to both set a future vision and to challenge people to think differently about the opportunities that Apprenticeship program provides. There is a real opportunity to make Apprenticeship program a career pathway option, one that can help the company maintain its prominence in building the strongest, most adaptable, and most credentialed workforce.

In an effort to meet the needs of a changing workforce, the goals of the our company’s Apprenticeship program should include:

  1. Help individuals see the program as a valuable pathway to rewarding
  2. Make the Apprenticeship opportunities more readily accessible for everyone.

All apprentices will be assigned a line manager and a mentor. These may be different people or the same person dependent on FNC resource and the knowledge and skills of existing employees.

Below is a brief guide to responsibilities for all involved with the apprentice program from an employer’s perspective.

Line Manager

It is the responsibility of the line manager to take responsibility for the apprentice’s overall role and ensure that they are supported. This responsibility will include induction, acting as the key contact, regular catch ups, assigning work, objective setting, conducting appraisal reviews and developing the apprentice’s skills and experience as required.


It is the responsibility of the mentor to meet regularly with the apprentice and discuss any concerns or queries they may have. If this individual is different to the line manager and is not able to resolve any issues directly, it is important that the line manager is aware of those issues.


It is the responsibility of the apprentice to follow the instructions or guidance given to them by the line manager, asking for clarity if required. An apprentice must also follow the policies and procedures of FNC , ensure that they comply with their job description and consider the health and safety of themselves and others whilst undertaking their role.