Civil Works, Designing and Implementation of Steel Structure 18 Classrooms school in Soran − Erbil

Soran Primary school was a turnkey project constructed in Soran in Erbil province. In February 2008, FNC was chosen by Kurdistan Regional Government to accomplish the project. The total area of the project was 5300 square meter. According to the instructions and requirements of Kurdistan Regional Government, the project consisted of 18 classrooms, Administrator Department, 3 Laboratories, and a multi-purpose hall. The total built up area is 2980 square meters, and the car parking zone area is 100 square meter while the rest of the area was separated into walkways, playing yards and green areas.

The used method of construction the project was the Steel Framed Structures which is characterized by being lighter and stronger than weight-bearing wood or concrete products. The Steel Framed building is Fire, Pest & Insect Resistant.

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