44 OPF Caravans Camp


Location: Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Service: 2×60-man OPF Camps Construction.

Year: 2014

Scheduled Completion Date: 03/09/2014

Actual Completion Date: 03/09/2014

Duration: 93 Days.

Number of Caravans: 44

Client: Gazprom Neft Middle East B.V. View Client


  1. Earth works cut and fill
  2. Compaction and excavation
  3. Concrete works
  4. Drainage systems and water treatment systems.
  5. Electrical Works
  6. Car Parking and search bays
  7. 44 Caravans.

Our client

Gazprom is a Russian majority state-owned multinational energy corporation headquartered in the Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg. As of 2019, with sales over US$120 billion, it sat as the largest publicly-listed natural gas company in the world and the largest company in Russia by revenue. In the 2020 Forbes Global 2000, Gazprom was ranked as the 32nd -largest public company in the world.

"I would like to personally thank the members of the FNC team for their efforts in making our OPF Camp installation project a success. The project was completed on time, had a minimal punch list items and incurred zero safety incident, GREAT JOB! This was truly a team effort, We look forward to working with this team again soon."
W. Jeff Moore
Capitol Construction Superintendent