Planting Trees Project


In coordination with Salaheddin Government for working approvals, the service was to plant 110 Grown Trees on the traffic island at Massif road, the service covered around 1.14 km long distance, the work took 8 working days and was supervised by Company Site Survey Engineer alongside with an Agriculture Engineer and Six labors.

On Dec 8, 2021, the team purchased trees from Plant Nurseries Duhok and mobilizing them to the worksite. On the second day, the team did a Site survey in order to plan the planting area in coordination with Salaheddin Government. On the third day the team started to excavating the Tree place with auger with cleaning each hole by hand to ensure a good soil condition for planting. On Dec 13 and 14, The team started to plant the trees, backfilling the surrounding, fertilizing the soil and watering it one by one. Also adding supporters for the trees to keep them straight. On the last day, Dec 15, the team started to clear the site from debris and waste materials.