Containerized Housing Units LSA Manzel • Client: US Government • Year: 2019 • Project Location: Al Taqaddum Airbase, Al Anbar, Iraq • Contract Duration: 195 days • Brief Project Description: FNC Civil works and site preparation, fabrication and delivery of 35x berthing CHUs, fabrication and delivery of 3x latrine/shower CHUs, construction of walkways, power generators, […]

كرفانات الحمامات والمرافق الصحية والغسيل

Containerized Housing Units Ablution Chus • Client: Government of Canada • Year: 2019 • Project Location: Erbil International Airport-Iraq • Contract Duration: 21 days • Brief Project Description: Provision and construction of three ablution caravans (12m x 3.82m) per each, with all associated works that include: site preparation, civil works, three concrete pads for caravans, one […]

مجمع اربيل

Containerized Housing Units Erbil Compound • Client: Australian Army • Year: 2020-2021 • Project Location: Erbil International Airport-Iraq • Contract Duration: 148 days • Brief Project Description: Construction and commissioning of Erbil Compound Project temporary facility to include construction of Contractor and subcontractors Main camp and office area, consisting of civil works, Perimeter walls with […]