FNC Is Your GO TO Partner To Deliver When It Has To

In 2014 First National Company was the first contracted & trusted vendor to conduct line hull service from Erbil Kurdistan Iraq to various locations in Syria . For the next 4 years FNC conducted weekly complex supply fulfillment orders consisting from local & international procurement requirements. We have then expanded our services portfolio due to the client demands to provide food supply solutions to service the military and government  sector. Today FNC owns and operates 100% of it’s transportation fleet consisting of 22 Freezer & dry line hull trucks.

FNC Value Added Services:
Order preparation & Fulfillment
Packaging, Re-packaging and Pillarization
Pick & Pack
Break Bulk
Inventory Management
Labelling, Screening, Sampling
Custom orders
Merchandise inspection
Pallet rental
Pallet fumigation
Fulfillment Warehousing – EDI
Cross-docking, Transloading
Import & Export
Container service & yard
Cargo theft protection
Manual loading & unloading of unpalletized products

• Quality inspected refrigerated warehousing (food grade)

• Dry Warehousing

• Controlled temperature

• Isolated warehouse sections

• Optimal storage conditions for food and beverage/perishable/agricultural


• High volume inventory control to meet peak seasonal demands and regular

• High volume turn over

• The Quality of our equipment, infrastructure and competence of our teams insure that your goods be handled properly and stored in optimal conditions according to your requirements.

• Food grade and quality inspected facilities.

• Partnered with some of the most prominent names in the food and beverage industry, our team of client service representatives, warehouse staff and regulatory managers ensure that each clients product be moved in a manner that conforms with FIFO/LIFO guidelines and First National Company strict sanitary and quality control standards.